IRS and State Agencies Representation

STUDIOBOOKS is in the practice of resolving complex tax and tax collection  issues, whether these issues are business related or personal. We are  highly skilled at navigating IRS regulations, laws, protocols, negotiating  settlements, and protecting your rights.

Our services are nationwide. Our role is to negotiate the lowest possible  Tax payment amount allowed by law. The Federal and State have very strict guidelines governing eligibility; we let our clients know tax relief options are available to them. This is based on a review of your documents,  information and an exhaustive financial interview.

Our approach to tax problem resolution has helped our Team achieve an extraordinarily high client satisfaction.

  • Offer in Compromise
  • Bank Levy Releases
  • IRS Tax Liens
  • Wage Garnishment Releases
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Settlement of back taxes
  • Client representation of IRS, Franchise Tax Board, EDD, State Board of equalization
  • Entity formation and setup – S corp, C Corp, LLC etc