Fee Policy

Initial Consultation Fee:

We charge $325.00 for initial consultation… max 1 hour, this may include review of documents and general recommendations. This fee will be credited if you decide to engage our services and enter into fixed fee agreement only.

Fixed Fee Agreements:

Fixed fee is lump sum fee arrangement must be in writing and agreed by both parties. Fixed fee agreement do not include out of pocket expenses and neither party can terminate this agreement unless mutually agreed in writing.

Hourly Rate Fee Agreements:

All hourly rate agreements require an agreed upon retainer. Retainer must be paid on time or a late fee will be charged according to terms of the agreement. We would from time to time request additional funds to replenish the retainer account and must be paid within 5 business days. In case of termination of services, all work performed to date (Work in Progress) will deducted and any balance of funds will refunded within 15 business days.

We will invoice you on semi monthly or monthly basis, based on the level of work and fee work performed. All invoices are due upon receipt and subject to late fee after 7 business days.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Appointments:

Require a minimum 48 hour written notice. If such notice is not timely, $325.00 is charged as a no show.

Out of Pocket Expenses:

Such Expenses are billed as per Exhibit A (as per agreement). Any charges not included in the Exhibit A will be billed on a hourly rate in the agreement.

Non- Sufficient Funds (NSF)/Returned Check:

NSF checks are subject to a returned fee charge of $45.00 and applicable legal actions under the California law.

California Penal Code  476a states that “Any person who…willfully, with intent to defraud, makes or draws or utters or delivers a check, draft, or order upon a bank or depositary, a person, a firm, or a corporation, for the payment of money, knowing at the time of that making, drawing, uttering, or delivering that the maker or drawer or the corporation has not sufficient funds…for the payment of that check…in full upon its presentation…is punishable by imprisonment