Business Advisory Service

Business Advisory services is an alternate solutions to low cost, experienced professional to act as your “trusted advisors” focusing on business transformation and business improvement issues relating to your business entity.

Our approach is  “what you can do, how you can do, and when you can do” rather than “what you cannot do”. We believe in finding business solutions which establish rapport with your internal and external customers.

Our team has extensive experience working with Domestic and International Markets (South East Asia,mainly India)

Our services include:

  • Interim/Part time CEO/COO/CFO support
  • Coach controllership team
  • Board reporting/planning
  • Analyze business opportunities
  • Techniques to maximize shareholder value
  • Ownership transition
  • Develop programs for optimum staffing
  • Growth, expansion or retrenchment plans
  • Evaluate and oversee all benefits negotiations/cost-benefit analysis
  • Cash flow management
  • Banking relationship/covenants/debt restructuring/recapitalization
  • Contract and Risk Management techniques
  • Back log/Employee Utilization and other management reports
  • Strategic Plans (1-5-10 year plans)
  • Merger and Acquisition – Due diligence
  • Techniques to improve billing, profit and cash flow
  • Financial and Project budgeting techniques
  • Public Outreach and Awareness Programs
  • Preparation of overhead rates as per Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and AASHTO guidelines